Saturday, October 15, 2011

OK, So I'm not that Good

The air has turned cooler, in fact, fall has blown in and our usual October weather of clouds, breeze and temporary damp leads me to want to write, snuggled in a big throw, a quiet house, a whiny black lab, (she was left home while Gauge got to go hunting.  Not a happy camper), and my worn beyond redemption, flannel bottoms and big old MSU sweatshirt.  I am ready to flood the world with my newly minted grandma wisdom. 

When I started this, I had sub conscious aspirations of being the Michigan version of Erma Bombeck.  I'm pretty sure that isn't even terribly original, but I talked myself into half believing it.  I wanted to be witty in my writing, when I couldn't be in real life.  I wanted to show that we can always see the funny side of any life situation, even when I knew life wasn't very funny right now, and didn't look to improve tremendously in the next year, let alone decade.  I didn't lack for subject matter, heck, every day something happened to even me, but getting older, has kind of meant I'm only sharp for certain parts of the day and those parts invariably were in the mornings and by the time the second or third cup of coffee had rolled around, I felt motivated more to the bathroom and actually moving around then writing in a stationary position, even with added wiggle room.

Unfortunately, life just kind of got in the way of my humor.  Today, in a quiet morning with nothing particular that I had to get done I decided to see what other blogs were out there.  Scrolling down a list of possible titles, A Southerner in San Francisco caught my eye.  Probably because Korey and Jen are in San Fran, but I liked the "southern" bent to it, though for pete sake I'm from Michigan, born and raised.  Anywho, I started reading and immediately found a kindred soul, and one that was a better Erma than I ever hoped to be.  The fact that the blogger was a man didn't put me off, his reminisences of time spent being a boarder at Mrs. Johnson's and her "to die for" fried chicken sparked an interest.  I am, an unabashed, "foodie", not always the eating of it, though that definitely has its place with me, but I have become a recipe-a-holic, looking for healthier, tastier, regional and sometimes just plain nostalgic foods and ways to prepare them.  Now mind you, there are just Kurt and I around and family meals are rarer than the hen's teeth I seek to own some day.  But still I can't pass up a magazine tossing without first making sure the recipes have been thoroughly dissected and if it passes the sniff test, ripped out for further catalouging.

So, the fried chicken recipe blog caught my eye as it seemed so incongruous with the title.  But I was mesmorized by the other blogs just for the month of October and spent a very enjoyable lost hour reading this southern transplants look at life from the humorous and very human standpoint.  I'm not that good, yet, but connecting through the written word, to me, is always a good thing, and shows where I can find many more things to smile about than I thought yesterday.  Maybe tomorrow will not be a good day, but today I can look out at the cloudy, windswept fall of Michigan and say, "its time to bring in the tomatoes", and heck, I'll smile at that....

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