Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Okay, I'll admit it I was addicted to "Dancing with the Stars".  Never got into "Survivor", "American Idol", "The Apprentice", well maybe for half a year on that one.   I never watched "The Deadliest Catch", "Ice Road Truckers" or "Ax Men".   Reality shows have mushroomed like toadstools around a decaying tree trunk.  They are now every where on tv and with so many subtleties and angles, its hard to get what is real, as in reality and what is manipulated, for how real is it when you are being followed by a camera and talking to some one holding the camera. Its not like I go around talking to the dogs, (well, I do some times), or that I expect it to end on tv, but I watched "Dancing with the Stars"  from the first it was on, and it has always held my interest...until this year.  I guess its not really an addiction because I find myself losing interest.  Maybe its because they seem to be throwing the kitchen sink of people and types on this season's show.  Its not that I care about types, its about the dancing, the costumes, and watching someone that's good but maybe not great evolve into something I love watching by the end of series.  But this year, the personalities seem to be taking precedence over the dancing.  And the voting seems to get sillier, as decent dancers are sent home, and dancers who have nothing going for them except some kind of noteriety are left on.  So my addiction wanes, and I guess its not really an addiction for all that.  Its not like I can not stop myself from watching, in fact, I've gotten better and better at it.  Its just not special anymore and doesn't appeal to me as it once did.  Maybe real life has inserted itself or maybe I have just tired of it and the networks saturation of reality viewing.  Its probably me, but it could be you, or the overkill.  I'm voting for the overkill.

Chynna Phillips was voted off the island or dance floor as it were.  She made a blunder in the week's routine, but still she is better than two or three others still there, but they are novelties, she was not.  And so it goes...

I think I have an addiction to coffee as I really do not want to go the morning without my cup of joe.  I believe the consequences would be dire.  But "Dancing with the Stars"....well, maybe I'll watch one more week.... 

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