Monday, August 15, 2011

Grand daughter...

Christmas 2010 was a happy time as I found out both of my sons would become fathers in the coming year.  At long last I would become a grandma.  We later learned we would be blessed with a boy for our eldest son and his wife and a grand daughter for my second son and his wife. 

Any grandparent will tell you that grandchildren are life changing, even at a time, you'd thought you had seen all the changes you could possibly handle in your lifetime.  There are always more surprises I have learned. 

Two pregnancies, quite different, and different we knew would be the paths each would take, but the joys of a healthy baby would be the same and the happiness of new grandparents would be delightful.  This we knew and anticipated.  We were not disappointed.  My grandson I was able to see minutes after his birth.  It was a sensation I did not expect to feel, and I was surprised and almost overwhelmed by the power of it.  The feelings calmed down and life settled into a routine for him and his parents as they learned the ropes of parenthood.  I knew it would be different with my grand daughter.   I wouldn't see her minutes after her birth and could just hope and pray that everything went easily for both and I was prepared to live on pictures of her right after and the accounts from my son of her adventure entering this world. 

We were awakened at 6 a.m. here yesterday morning.  They were at the hospital and she was in labor and while it would be awhile, we would have a grandchild at some point on the day.   So began our Sunday, trying to be a normal Sunday while staying close to the phone.  Having been through first babies, myself, I was guessing it would be after noon, here before she would arrive.  I missed that estimation by only a few hours.  The morning went fairly quickly as we had things to occupy us.  But noon, in my mind was the end point.  Noon passed and then 1:00 and 2:00.  After 2:00 officially passed I was starting to become nervous.  Kurt said to call Korey, but I didn't want to catch them in the middle of it all and I figured Korey's phone would be turned off anyway.   So we waited and I began to find "put off" jobs to do.  When I am nervous, I need to be involved in something so I went outside which always has things for me to do.  I want to say I was nonchalant about it all and was an old hand at being a grandma now, but I wasn't and this one was so different.  Just before 4:00 in the afternoon, my son called and our grand daugher was born.  We had nothing more than her name, which I got wrong, the first time out, as she was pretty new and haven't even been weighed and measured yet.  That would wait until the next phone call along with a picture of how gorgeous she was.  I guess it was the big secret of grandparenthood.  As long as all are healthy, everything else is gravy. 

The tears came after when I saw her, and realized I wasn't there and she would look so different when I finally got to meet her in person, but they were happy tears and grateful tears, that all had been brought safely along in this world. 

As my daughter, Annie, who has been "Baby Girl" for a good many years, since her aunt tagged her as such, and will probably always be my Baby Girl, there's a new one in our family and I and she will happily look forward to September and our meeting of her and every special thing she will bring to all of us. 

Welcome to the World, Baby Girl....Grandma loves you and can't wait to meet you...

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