Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Let me Tell you about my dogs

Its been one of those days.  One of those days when worries have piled up in the back of my mind and been my companion for a few weeks now.  They never quite go away, but I have pushed them to the back somewhere so at least now I can function and do what needs doing.

Another blizzard for us here, the third in 6 weeks time, and I don't just qualify these as snow storms as we have had those.  These were bona fide Nor'easters, with bone chilling winds right out of the Northeast, rolling over the Saginaw Bay and right at us.  It started out as slushy snow yesterday and piled up quickly.  Somewhere over night it turned to freezing rain which landed on the trees, and by mid morning the branches hung low and threatened us with breaking and power outtages.  Snow showers all day and it was hard to concentrate.  A trip out to the satellite dish to dump hot water on ice covered receivers, so at least my televisions worked.  I painted in the bathroom because it kept me busy and I have a deadline.  As I painted I became disheartened that I would not finish all I undertook before the baby shower on Sunday.  Its a feeling I've had many times lately, as if I'm spinning my wheels and no one really cares.  But I painted on and breathed a sigh when that first coat was on.  I turned my eyes to my dog hair infested living room.  I vacuumed and the carpet again was without its black coating of fur.  Then I decided to do a long overdue load of towels.  Upstairs and I noticed a pair of shoes I had worn the other day looked like someone had dropped water on the toe.  Upon closer inspection I found my Gauge had urinated on the toe of my shoe and all around the chair they sat next to.  As I went to grab a towel to soak it up before I got the mini steam cleaner I now use regularly, I noticed more "spots" around the base of the gun cabinet.  A huge sigh of enormous self pity, as I went to grab the hand held cleaner and start cleaning the mess as best I could and wondering what in the world I was going to do about a dog who seemed to have a sudden penchant for marking all kinds of spots.  And feeling even worse as I was at a loss to figure out how to stop it.    After unloading the cleaners container of cleaning fluid and sunctioning it up I found more spots next to the bed.  They were dried so I had no idea when he had gone on his little pee spree.  I realized how little time I had spent in the bedroom, besides sleeping as it was all I could do not to eat and sleep in the bathroom remodel.  Right about then it was all I could do not to sit in the middle of the floor and bawl like an abandoned child. 

I had put the dogs outside in the back yard while I cleaned up the mess.  When I went to call them in, only Gauge was in the back yard.  Tell tale tracks showed a hole dug under the fence and no Tally.  Calling brought no dog and no dog in sight to my south.  I thanked the thankless weather that at least kept any vehicles from being on the road, but knew I had to get boots and outdoor gear on quickly and find her as she was likely to be anywhere.  I took Gauge with me on a lead hoping she would see him and come running.  I didn't have to go far....At the end of the driveway I looked down the road and she was about a quarter mile down in the middle of the road.  For once she came running when she saw me and Gauge standing there.  I got her and Gauge in the house and then set down on the bench and cried for the crummy day and life I was having.  I sobbed as I hadn't for awhile and just wanted someone to talk to and bawl on their shoulder.  But Annie would panic if I called her and sounded like that.  One friend is going through a cancer crisis of her own and another just buried her mother.  In the midst of a good wail, I suddenly realized how silly it seemed.  No, I wasn't going down the rabbit hole of depression and after the wail and through the tears I actually smiled.  There are far worse things in this world and all I was having was a bad day. 

I'm still not sure what to do about Gauge and his urinating habits all of a sudden or how to keep my escape artist, Tally in the yard but both are lying next to me on the sofa, sleeping so the good Lord willing I will survive another Michigan storm and live to cry again and hopefully, another good laugh.....

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